Adventuring Alone in Valparaiso

I finally visited the city of my dreams and while I liked my experience in Valparaiso what with the hills, the multicolored houses of all shapes and sizes and the narrow streets, I must say I was a little disappointed. It might have something to do with the fact that I had originally planned on visiting the city with a friend and when those plans fell through, I started to randomly wander up hills. I also realized that after months of constantly feeling the presence of the cold, I’m not a big fan of the intense heat. That being said, Valpo is what I thought it would be and I definitely think I will need to go back. I still need to visit Pablo Neruda’s house and also some more hills and churches and Vina of course to see the striking contrast that apparently exist between both cities. While Valpo has a haphazard and chaotic appearance, Vina is supposed to be well-organized and orderly. I now have a place to stay so that might make things easier. I met an Irish man named Kevin who works for a Christian organization who told me that if I’m ever in Valpo, I can stay at his place. It’s moments like this that make me remember that good people still exist in this world and also forget how bad my experience has been with people from Santiago. The main thing that scares me about Valpo other than the laissez-faire attitude of the people which encourages the robbing of tourist is how much damage will be caused when erosion has its way with the houses on edge of the hills.  Oh well, that’s a problem that will be dealt when the time comes and not before.


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